Types of whisky

Which whisky is best?

Whisky is a cult beverage known to anybody, but only the connoisseurs are able to distinguish different types of whisky – this however is not a small group! There are several classifications of whisky and one of them is based on the content of the beverage. Classification of types of whisky based on its content is presented below.

Malt whisky, also called single malt is made from a fermented mash. It is produced merely from barley malt. When whisky contains only one type of grain and has been produced in one distillery, it is called a single malt whisky. Another type of whisky is grain whisky, characterized by an addition of at least one grain, different than barley mash. In such case, whisky is produced from wheat, corn or rye. Single malt whisky is made from barley mash in one distillery. It is characterized by the fact that it can be mixed with other casks within the same distillery, which provides new flavours and aromas. Another type of whisky is called single cask. It is a one-cask whisky and it is not mixed with other barrels. Each bottle has information about the barrel, number of bottle and the total number of bottles poured from this cask. Pure malt, also called blended malt is a mixture of single malt whisky from different distilleries. One of the most popular types of whisky is blended whisky, which is a mixture of different whiskies. The name refers to the types of whisky, malt and grain, from which it was made. Sometimes such alcohol contains up to 40 different distillates, which produce a unique and original flavour. Blended whisky is the most popular kind in the whole world. This type constitutes around 95% of whisky sold in the world.

Types of whisky (apart from the composition) are also determined by the place of their origin. The best whisky in the world is Scotch whisky – it breaks popularity records among connoisseurs and gourmets. This beverage is produced in Scotland and matures in casks for at least 3 years. In most of the cases this type of whisky is double distilled. Apart from that, it is also important to tell about several kinds of American whisky. The most common variety is Bourbon whiskey, which consists of at least 51% of corn. The third biggest whisky producer is Ireland, producing Irish whisky. It matures for at least three years and is triple distilled. If you want to drink whisky with class visit exquisiteglass.co.uk

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