Care of crystal

Crystal how you can take care of it?

In order to retain their beauty and quality, crystals need to be cared for appropriately. Taking care of crystal is quite demanding, because glass is very fragile. This is why cleaning of crystal is not an easy task. Extra care should be taken not to damage them. Washing crystals requires avoiding of harsh detergents, because they could damage the glass surface. It is also not recommended to wash crystals in a dishwasher, because it can lead to unwanted losses. In general, taking care of crystal consists in washing it in cold water. In order to remove stains or dirt we may use warm or even hot water, however bear in mind that this is a necessary exception! All these precautions make the removal of residue and dirt from crystal items quite a demanding task!

Taking care of crystal consists in the first place in washing them in cold water with a washing-up liquid. The detergent should not be too strong! You should also remember that heat causes crystal to loose its gloss and become matte. The next step is to rinse crystal in cold water with addition of vinegar. The best proportion is one glass of vinegar per one litre of water. Owing to this trick, you will avoid streaks on the glass. At the end, the product should be left to dry and then polished with a soft cloth.

Taking care of crystal often consists in restoring their lost shine. In order to remove the matte effect, you can use a soft, moist cloth sprinkled with salt. Cleaning glass with such compress helps you remove the residue and restore full shine. An alternative to salt is denatured alcohol.

It is worth to underline that taking care of crystal is especially difficult in case of products with narrow neck. Washing them from the outside is not enough, so it is worth to try another trick. You can fill the glass with rice and pour water over it, then wait several hours and subsequently shake and rinse it thoroughly. Potato peelings will provide a similar effect. Another way is to fill the glass with salt and vinegar.

The basic mistake commonly repeated by housewives is washing crystals in hot water. Remember that it brings the opposite effect, causing the glass to become matte. Using the tricks described above will make the cleaning of your crystals way easier.

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