Alcohol glass types

Alcohol glass types

In our private liquor cabinets we all have at least several types of alcohol glasses. We often use them automatically, without considering whether a given glass is appropriate for a particular alcohol. Meanwhile, alcohol glass types are a wide topic, which requires a closer look.

A smallest challenge is to choose a vodka glass. We intuitively choose small glasses with a short stem or without a stem – the latter type is sometimes called a shot. It is worth to mention that glasses without a stem should be used for serving pure vodka, while the glasses with a stem should be used for serving flavoured vodka. Pure vodka is served frozen, while flavoured vodka is served at a room temperature.

Alcohol glass types are of great importance when we serve champagne or sparkling wine. The most common are glasses called flutes, which have a thin bowl, steep towards the top. They make sure that the bubbles evaporate at a slower pace. For wine, we should use narrow glasses made of thin glass, with a long stem. White wine requires smaller bowls and the red wine requires bigger bowls.

In case of wines, different types of alcohol glasses can be used. It is best to drink white wine from tulip-shaped glasses. Red wine should be served in glasses with a bigger bowl and shorter stem. For aperitifs and dessert wines we should use glasses similar to those dedicated for red wine, but slightly smaller. We drink aperitif before the meal, and the dessert wines after the meal. Wine should be served at room temperature. During drinking we hold the glass by the stem and look into the inside of the glass.

Alcohol glass types for cognac, brandy and whisky are also different. Wide glasses with a short stem are for serving cognac and brandy. These glasses should be held by the stem in order to warm the beverage. Whisky is served in short and wide glasses with a thick bottom. Small, slender glasses are used for liquors. The type of alcohol glass for drinks depends on whether they consist merely of alcohol or alcohol with addition of juice. The first type is served in a bowl widening towards the top, and the second type in slender, big glasses with straight walls. The first type of drinks is often referred to as shots, and the second type is called long drinks.

Knowledge on types of alcohol glasses proves our social competences and is a pride of the host. You should remember that sometimes even the best drink looses its taste and charm when it is served in an inappropriate glass!

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